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About FundVantage: Frequently Asked Questions

Enterprise FAQs

These FAQs are also available in a printable PDF format (972 KB)

1. What is FundVantage?
FundVantage is an intelligent solution to enhance fund-raising productivity for Canadian enterprises.

2. Why FundVantage?
Canadian organizations lack a comprehensive, unifying solution that provides valuable intelligence on various sources of funding to support research and development and other innovation or entrepreneurial activity. There is no effective and efficient means to research and strategically analyze all relevant sources of possible grants, contracts, loans, equity investments, and tax incentives. FundVantage addresses this need.

With so many more seekers chasing those ever diminishing dollars, FundVantage provides a competitive advantage to those engaged in innovation fund-raising. You learn about untapped sources of funding, and get insights such as success rates. You can be much more strategic with your fund-raising, and improve your odds of success.

We know first-hand that raising funds is strenuous and intensive. So let FundVantage work for you.

3. What are its advantages?
FundVantage offers major advantages, some of which are highlighted below

Extensive: Spans the entire economic spectrum of with hundreds of funding agencies
Fast: Highly optimized service and data hosted on Canadian servers
Searchable: Supports both keyword and menu-driven advanced queries
Interactive: Search, filter, sort, share, and store results, in a highly interactive manner
Customizable: A host of tailorable features at both organizational and user level
Anytime: Available online 24 x 7
Up-to-date: Updated every day
Anywhere: From any web browser near you
Solid value: Using open-source, Web 2.0, and cloud computing paradigms
Insightful: Where available, get insights such as competitive success rates
Relevant: A treasure trove of public and private funding with 100% Canadian focus

4. Can FundVantage be tailored for my organization?
Organizations can customize FundVantage through several enterprise-friendly features:

Single sign-on: Out-of-the-box single sign-on feature*
White labeling: Customizable themes to match your brand*
Integration: Integrate internal funding programs
Internal compliance: Communicate about organization-specific policies such as internal deadlines or internal facilitators
Role based: Role based permissions for users at subscribing organizations

5. Who is it for?
Organizations anywhere on the economic spectrum can benefit from FundVantage.

Universities and colleges
Funding agencies
Small and medium-sized enterprises
Non-profit organizations
Government, and governmental bodies
Research hospitals and clinics

6. What do others say about FundVantage?
Select testimonials from our users are available online at www.fundvantage.ca.

7. How much does it cost?
FundVantage meets the needs of organizations both big and small. A single subscription fee offers unlimited concurrent access to all of your personnel.
FundVantage uses a flexible enterprise-pricing model, based on a tiered annual fee. The fee scales with organizational

Please contact sales@adiroisolutions.com for a pricing quote.

8. What about security, privacy, and other legal issues?
FundVantage deploys robust enterprise-friendly security and privacy policies, and is designed for Canadian needs.

Security: All communications take place via industry-standard secure hypertext transport protocol (HTTPS).
Privacy: Customer data never shared or rented out. Complies with Canadian privacy laws.
100% Canadian: All data and service hosted entirely on Canadian servers and subject to its laws

9. What infrastructure do I need?
None, quite simply put. No specialized hardware, software, or information technology expertise is required at your end. FundVantage is hosted 100% on Canadian servers and operates completely in the cloud. FundVantage is accessible on any computer within your organization using a browser.

10. Can I check it out?
Our sales personnel will be happy to demonstrate FundVantage and answer your questions. This can be arranged to meet your schedule and can take place right from the comfort of your desk. Please contact sales@adiroisolutions.com to arrange this demonstration.

11. What if I am not satisfied?
FundVantage is backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If at any time you are not satisfied, we will promptly refund the remainder of your fees, no questions asked!

12. Who backs FundVantage?
FundVantage is brought to you by Adi ROISolutions Corporation (ARC) under license from Adi Labs Inc. ARC is a Canadian-controlled corporation. FundVantage is an operating division of ARC.

FundVantage’s promoters are experienced in research, administration, fund-raising, software development, and technology commercialization.

FundVantage is a trademark of Adi Labs Inc.
(C) 2013 by respective owners. All rights reserved.
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