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Designed ground up for Canadian enterprises, FundVantage is what you’ve been waiting all along for. Meet the first funding intelligence solution for Canadian enterprises. FundVantage aims to enhance your fundraising productivity.

Funding challenges faced by Canadian enterprises motivated FundVantage. Grant programs are increasingly competitive. Success rates are modest at best. Students, researchers, and entrepreneurs invest months preparing an application, often to confront failure. Once successful, they deal with eventual demands of reporting.

The Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program seeks to help Canadian businesses commercialize new technologies. In their opening Call for Proposals during the pilot stage, only 27 proposals were shortlisted out of 365 submissions. That is a meager success rate of less than 10%.

Source: Canadian Innovation and Commercialization Program

FundVantage helps you be more successful in your fundraising efforts. FundVantage provides current intelligence on numerous funding programs. It tracks nearly four hundred Canadian funding agencies. You can target unpublicized funding programs. Get insights such as success rates where available. You can be strategic in your efforts.

FundVantage is a no hassle, fully hosted solution. It can be customized for both organizations and individuals. It has dozens of features to help you be more productive.

Improve your odds in the fiercely contested world of funding. Get a strategic advantage over your competition. Get FundVantage today.

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