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About FundVantage: Content and Features


External Funding Programs

FundVantage covers funding programs throughout Canada. It tracks nearly six hundred funding agencies, both public and private entities. Public entities include all levels of government and their various departments. Private funding bodies include foundations and non-profit organizations.

FundVantage contains thousands of funding programs.  Every day, new programs are added to FundVantage. Each program record has several fields such as upcoming competition deadlines, amounts, program manager contact information, success rates, and subscription rates (where available).

FundVantage covers several billions in funding to support various activities. It includes funding programs for infrastructure, R & D, and student support. It also covers various tax incentives, insurances and soft loan programs.

FundVantage aims to update program information within one business day of any published change.

Internal Funding Programs

Enterprise subscribers can promote their internal funding programs within FundVantage.

Additional Resources

Customers can also order specialized searches for their specific needs. A personalized report is provided for a flat fee of two hundred dollars. This report will contain recommendations on up to three funding programs.

Your FundVantage expert will consult with additional specialized resources to conduct this search.

Existing FundVantage subscribers who order a personalized report receive a 50% discount on the above fee.


FundVantage is more than just a database. It is rich in features that enhance your fund-raising productivity. Some general features include:

  • Keyword and advanced searches
  • Browse, sort, share, and filter results
  • Preview from search lists
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Industry-standard security
  • Access to program sites
  • Program ratings

Enterprise Subscriptions

Organizations can customize FundVantage through several enterprise-friendly features. A one-time set-up cost may apply.

  • Customizable themes to match your corporate identity
  • Branding with your logo
  • Your own URL
  • RSS feeds to embed on your site
  • Search widget on your own site
  • Communicate internal notices
  • Role based permissions for users at subscribing organizations

Academic Edition

Available enterprise features of FundVantage’s Academic Edition include:

  • Concurrent access to all faculty, staff, and students
  • Single sign on
  • Personalization for all registered users
  • Integration of internal funding programs
  • Specialized access for internal program managers
  • Support for an internal coordinators who liaise with funding programs
  • Support for local subscription managers
  • Post internal announcements for specific programs

Individual Subscriptions

Professional Edition

The following lists how Professional Edition users can personalize their experience.

  • Track favourite programs
  • Subscribe to RSS feeds
  • Download search results
  • Save and revisit search history any time
  • Post comments
  • Customize user profile

Funders Edition

Funders Edition users enjoy all features available in Professional Edition. In addition, you can:

  • Update your program information directly at any time
  • Update and track competition information
  • Post announcements related to your program
  • Communicate directly with your audience
  • Access analytics and other program reports (when available)
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