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Getting Started: For Funding Agencies

The time-limited FundVantage Access Program is now replaced by the FundVantage Funder Edition.

Funder Edition

The FundVantage Funders Edition is for program managers at qualified funding organizations. You must be a manager or administrators at a funding organization and be responsible for at least one funding program meant for an external audience.

Your Benefits

  • Receive a free Individual Subscription (Funders Edition) of FundVantage, for your internal use
  • Receive a free listing of your funding program in FundVantage
  • Update your program information directly at any time
  • Post announcements related to your program and communicate directly with your audience
  • Access analytics and other reports related to your program when they become available

Your Commitments

  • Provide complete and accurate updates about your program, within 3 business days of such updates
  • Provide historical information such as funding statistics, funded application information, and competition statistics within two weeks of that becoming publicly available
  • Respond to queries from FundVantage’s users about your program within one week


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